Policies are not all equal. Some have a design that responds adequately to the problem that needs to be solved. Some are effectively implemented. Some have the expected impact. Others not.

 The tools of Economics allow us to contribute to the quality of policies and programs in three stages: design, implementation and evaluation. Our knowledge applies to the analysis of firms’ social investment programs as well.


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Firms often enter into arrangements to soften market competition, many of then questionable under the law. How to know if a firm is in fault and must adjust its course? How to respond to an accusation from a competition authority? How to ensure that a merger between two firms is not undesirable for welfare? And, when we know that a price must be regulated, how to ensure regulation disciplines the market without imposing unnecessary costs.

We have experience in the application of quantitative and qualitative analytical methods to answer these types of questions frequent to both private agents and government authorities.

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A multitude of questions are more solidly answered when they are addressed with empirical evidence.

Building and processing databases, designing and analyzing indices, developing models for simulation and forecasting are some of our fields of expertise. We are proud to offer our clients answers rigorously supported.

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