Economic challenges for the new government in office

El reto económico para el gobierno de Iván Duque

Marcela Meléndez participated in pilot of new podcast lauched by the Department of Economics at Universidad de los Andes. Important issues were covered in conversation with María Inés Agudelo, Marc Hofstetter and Rudolf Hommes under the lead of Mauricio Reina. 

Public Expenditure Commission. Final report is circulating

Circula el Informe Final de la Comisión de Gasto Público

After almost a year of team work, the final report of the Public Expenditure  Comission was presented to the public. Marcela Meléndez was one of the Expert Commissioners invited by the Colombian government to give policy recommendations.


Will we see the Colombian economy reactivate soon?

¿Será que la economía colombiana se reactivará en el segundo semestre de este año?


The question was addressed in ‘Semana En Vivo’ with María Jimena Duzán in conversation between José Antonio Ocampo (Board of the Central Bank); Jorge Humberto Botero (Fasecolda); Ricardo Bonilla (Expert of the Tax Comission); Marcela Meléndez (ECONESTUDIO) and Luis Fernando Mejía (Director of the National Planning Department.

Marcela Meléndez, called as expert in Public Expenditure Commission

Marcela Meléndez invitada como experta a la Comisión de Gasto Público

Eleven experts where called by the Ministry of Finance of Colombia, in fullfillment of the law. Their mission is to revise and recommend directions of reform for the optimization of public expenditure. They will be working on this over the next 10 months.

Guidelines for the evaluation of social investment projects

Guía para la Evaluación de Proyectos Sociales

The  “Guidelines for the evaluation of social investments”,  prepared with the National Association of Entrepreneurs of Colombia (ANDI) and CAF to help those in charge of structuring social invertment projects to monitor and evaluate their efforts, is now publicly available. Companion workshops to these guidelines will be offered during the second semester of 2017 to firms interested.

Corruption and government procurement

Corrupción y contratación pública: problemas y soluciones

Our study of public procurement contracts shows where there is space for corruption and what specific reforms could contribute to its mitigation. Razón Pública invited us to present a summary of the lessons from this research.

"Two to Tango" is finally available!

Finalmente circula

A recent publication from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) on public-private collaboration for productive development policies is finally out. Our chapter (with Marcela Eslava and Guillermo Perry) reviews the case of Colombia. A pdf version is available here.

Equity and Social Mobility book available in PDF format!

Circula el libro de la Misión de Equidad y Movilidad Social en PDF

The book compiling the works of various authors for the Mission of Equity and Social Mobility is now also available in a PDF format. Also, we have adistributed more than 500 copies of the book to public officers thanks to the generosity of both Univesidad de los Andes and the World Bank.  


Participation in "La Silla Lider"

Participación en ”La Silla Líder”

Marcela Meléndez participated this week in "Lunch with Leaders", transmitted life by Periscope (@lasillalider). She was invited to talk with Alvaro Forero about the size and risks associated to infrastructure procurement at the subnational level in Colombia.