Social expenditure and taxation in Colombia

What is their impact on poverty and inequality?

Project details

  • Client

    Commitment to Equity (CEQ) Project, Interamerican Development Bank, World Bank.
  • Services

    Incidence analyses of taxation and social expenditure on poverty and inequality using Living Standards Surveys of 2010 and 2014.

  • Team in charge

    Arturo Harker 

    Nora Lustig 

    Valentina Martínez

    Marcela Meléndez

  • Year

    Since 2011. The project goes on!
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Project summary

This study develops under the umbrella of the Commitment to Equity (CEQ) project led by Nora Lustig for a growing set of countries. 

It is an incidence analysis of fiscal policy -taxation and social expenditures- on poverty and inequality that, beacuse it uses a common methodological approach for Colombia and other countries, allows us to make comparisons and to evaluate the country‘s performance both in absolute and relative terms.

Analyses using DANE‘s Living Standards Surveys are available for  2010 and 2014.


  • Product: A. Harker, N. Lustig, V. Martinez y M. Meléndez (2016). “The Impact of Taxes and Transfers on Inequality and Poverty in Colombia. Forthcoming in as a chapter of the Handbook of the Commitment to Equity (CEQ) project. 
  • Presentations: World Bank Equity Day, Bogotá, Mach 2013; Asofondos, Cartagena, May 2016.