Guidelines for subsidy design

How much does Colombia spend annually on subsidies and can this expenditure be optimized?

Project details

  • Client

    National Planning Department of Colombia
  • Services

    Development of a conceptual framework for subsidies; inventory and quantification of subsidies granted in Colombia; and guidelines‘ proposal.

  • Team in charge

    Marcela Meléndez

    Manuel José Cepeda

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Project summary

The Ministry of Planning of Colombia wants to adopt a set of guidelines for public expenditure decisions involving subsidies. 

ECONESTUDIO was chosen to develop a conceptual framework for those guidelines as well as to put together an inventory of subsidies granted by the National Government, useful to assess the magnitude of the expenses they represent and to motivate the need of organizing such expenditure decisions.

Economic analysis by Marcela Meléndez was complemented by Manuel José Cepeda‘s legal analysis, to transform these imputs into a set of guidelines in agreement with the Constitution and the Law.


  • Deliverable: Consulting report and draft of regulatory proposal produced jointly with Manuel José Cepeda.