Business in Colombia and in the flour sector

What are the risks and opportunities for investors?

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    CMI Guatemala
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    Elements to explore risks and opportunities of investing in Colombia.

  • Team in charge

    María Inés Agudelo

    Marcela Meléndez

    María José Uribe

    Santiago Guerrero

    Nicolás Peña

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Project summary

CMI fromGuatemala wanted to explore investment opportunities in Colombia. Our work included:

  • A description of the Colombian government organization;
  • An economic outlook (short run and medium run);
  • An political outlook (short run and medium run);
  • A summary of the legal framework for foreign investors.
  • A characterization of the flour sectors and its larger players;
  • A summary of phitosanitary regulations applying to the flour sector
  • An analysis of risks and opportunities facing an entrant investor un the flour sector.



  • In this project we used the Colombian Annual Manufacturing Survey database at the firm level, under the restrictions imposed by the statistical reserve regulations.