We are a small group of highly qualified economists and professional experts in strategic communication and sustainability. We have joined forces to offer our clients the best of two worlds: frontier economic analysis with tools of communication to allow its application to the pursue of goals in challenging contexts; and tools of design, monitoring and evaluation of programs applied to the optimization of firms’ social investments.

What do we do? We understand our clients’ needs and propose the best route to address them. Some times this sets in motion only one of our service capabilities areas. Some times it activates both. When this happens, we become a team with a unique multidisciplinary capacity in the market.

We offer our services to anyone with questions that can be answered based on the tools of applied economics and with years of experience working on strategic communication and sustainability issues: public sector authorities, multilateral agencies, private firms and politicians in campaign or in office.

We are active since 2009, offering our services in Colombia and abroad.